Is it Time?

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Sophies Thrifty OrphansWhen the first few rule-breaking tulip blocks showed up last month, someone suggested it might be time for the second Duds and Orphans lotto.

I wasn’t sure I had any orphans to contribute, but found these 6 inch Thrifty Blocks, made in a different color way than the ones we made in March, 2009.

Do you have Block Lotto Orphans or Duds and an interest in entering them in a lotto drawing?   Let me know in the comments and I’ll figure out if there is enough interest to move forward.

Blocks for this drawing can be actual lotto blocks, or blocks you made using a lotto block pattern.  They might be made in different colors or a different size.

To give you an idea of what you could do with the blocks if you won, Charlene shared the quilt she made from the Orphans and Duds she won last time in this post last summer:

Orphans and Duds 2014 have been placed.

Here is another link to how I used up some orphan blocks earlier this year (including some Block Lotto duds and orphans):

Playing with (orphan) Blocks

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  1. This is looking pretty quiet here. I do have blocks for when enough people want to do it!

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