Twinkle, Twinkle, 9″ Star…

Posted by on October 22, 2015 in blocks | 3 comments

This block is so pretty that I had to get off my duff and finally join the Block Lotto fun and make some!  Though for some reason, no matter what I did to my lighting and camera, the top left block in this set insisted on glowing.  Anyhow, nine blocks for my entry.  I hope they’re all okay, and I’m pleased to meet and be stitching with all of you!


9 Twinkling Stars


  1. Welcome Kristin! You have come to the right place!!! Sophie gives us wonderful blocks to play with and we learn new things and make new friends along the way! En joy!!

  2. Your blocks look fine. I am glad that you were tempted to jump into participating in the block lotto.

  3. Welcome to the block lotto. Your blocks look great. We have a great time making the blocks that Sophie challenges us with each month. With me sometimes it is the color combos that are the challenge. but it is a bunch of fun. Glad you joined.

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