3 more Xplus for the lotto

Posted by on November 5, 2015 in blocks | 4 comments


3 for the draw and one too small dud 



DUD do not enter in draw

DUD do not enter in draw


1 of 3


2 of 3




3 of 3


  1. I will make another to replace the dud then enter it

  2. I really like your dud. The purplish fabric color influences everything around it and it looks great.

  3. So, this makes a total of 4 blocks posted (one in an earlier post) for the list and the too-small block you plan to remake, right?

    • Sophie

      There is a total of 5 that I am entering. I have remade the block so it is going into the draw.

      1 paisley from before
      3 – 1 autumn, 1 blue/pink, 1large oriental floral (all from 2nd entry)
      1- remade dud

      Sorry this turned out to be confusing. Do you want me to post a picture of the remake so its all documented?

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