Help for Color bleeding Problems

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I was reading in past posts about color bleeding  issues so I thought I would share  some info for anyone wanting to wash colors that you may think will bleed. Shout color catcher sheets made by Johnson. Work great. I have washed colors that should not be washed with other colors as a test run, and the colors have never transferred, when I use one of these in the laundry. They are also great to have for teens and young adults doing laundry, who I find do not always care how they sort. Sorry if this is repeat information that someone else may have posted.  I did not see anything about  it an any of the posts  I have read so far.


  1. Color Catchers SOMETIMES work — I’ve had to use up to 4 new sheets at times when washing red in the washing machine on hot water to both remove excess red dye as well as to preshrink the cotton fabric. Took that many (and I have a regular toploading machine that I can fill with water) to get the 4th color catcher to only be a ‘little pink”.

    I regularly use Synthropol liquid detergent — some quilt shops carry it or you can order from http://www.Dharmatradingco, an online dyehouse and is what dyers use to stop the colored dye molecules from migratingand affixing to other fabrics.

    Do NOT get Synthropol mixed up with Retayne — which is used to TEMPORARILT “fix” the color IN/ON the fabric but which needs to be used each time the article is laundered. Many quilt shops think it is a solution to “REMOVE” excess dye as the name suggests that it stops color from bleeding. But it is NOT a permanent solution to stop color from bleeding when the article is laundered.

    I’ve not tried color catchers on brand new levi jeans — not the prewashed kind, but the old fashioned dark blue kind that hasn’t been laundered in the making process and which used to turn our underwear and white socks blue … Of course, most blue jeans we buy these days have been prewashed by the maker … but I’ve used Color Catchers on new 100% cotton knit T shirts and have had to use more than 1 laundering and CC sheet for some of the really darks.


  2. Karen, I love color catchers and use them all the time. I never have trouble with color running or bleeding when I use them.

  3. I have always had them work great for me. I never wash jeans with underwear or socks so that has never been and issue. I always have plenty of jeans to launder in loads by themselves.( everyone basically lives in jeans here) I have a daughter who happens to have orange as her favorite color so all the red and oranges go in the wash together and the color catchers always catch the bleed over from any new clothes. I will keep in mind what you use and use it if I come up with a stubborn red bleed. Thanks for the info..

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