Optical Illusion

Posted by on November 7, 2015 in blocks, uncategorized | 6 comments

Is anyone else seeing the extra pieces in these blocks?  It seems to be a function of the pattern in the corner fabrics, but I can’t tell exactly what causes this visual addition of (perfectly inserted) pieces. \:-) It isn’t because this one is geometric because I can see it in some of the florals that have been posted.




  1. I can’t see what you are talking about — are you “seeing” the opposite sides of the little white squares you stitched onto the big print square that gave you the little white triangles that you then pressed to either the print or to the white triangles?
    In my sample (which I’ve not yet posted) I cut off those extra triangles pieces and have no difficulties with that excess fabric– they are not needed and only add bulk to the block.
    If you are talking about something else, I have no clue.

  2. I didn’t notice it initially on yours but when I was editing my phot0 ready to post I noticed it (to me almost a circle in the centre of the block) on one of my blocks.

  3. I see it Robin. Wow. I didn’t notice until I went back and looked at everyone’s postings. It makes it look circular in the X fabric, around the middle of the block. Pretty cool.

  4. Go look at Glenna’s post on Nov. 6th. Her blue blocks really stand out.

  5. I did not see it myself until I went back and looked at mine.It shows up more in some than others..Looks neat.

  6. Now that it’s been mentioned, I do see the halo effect in some of the blocks posted. Very cool

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