Eight birds in the air blocks

Posted by on January 11, 2016 in blocks | 3 comments


Here are my eight birds in the air blocks with 3 purple and 5 blue. The colour is a bit off as the skies are all white not cream.

Great idea to use RSC colours. with some luck I will have the 6 blocks for Old McDonald mystery quilt finished soon.

Thanks Sophie


  1. Have seen mention made of the Old Macdonald Mystery Quilt and am intrigued — is it somewhere online or is it a pay4 pattern? Is there a picture someplace we can see?

    Thanks for any info on this.


    • Hi Karen, the information is in the housekeeping section or on Sophie’s blog ‘Sophie’s Junction’. Sorry I am not sure how to add in links.

      • Thanks, Margaret — yes, I’d seen that post but hadn’t identified it as Old Macdonald’s … G! Also had to hunt for the url as I didn’t have it in my faves but do now.


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