First one in the New Year

Posted by on January 14, 2016 in blocks | 4 comments


This is my third one. Sigh. Had trouble with it. They always turned out slightly larger even though my squares were 2 1/2 and you can’t really trim them. Amazing how a tad on one seam can add up when you have 4 seam allowances. Got to have patience. Happy now.


  1. Christa, remember that your blocks don’t have to be perfect and can be up to 1/4 inch larger (or smaller) and still be within the guidelines. It’s very pretty. I’m sorry you struggled with it.

    • Oh, no worries. It’s all about learning, right? That’s what I like about Block Lotto. I always learn something. Thank you, Sophie!

  2. Christa, just make the HSTs oversized, press them open, then trim them to size. Just be sure to line up the 45 degree line on the ruler with the diagonal seam of the HST unit.

    • Thanks, Marianne, but my HSTs were not the problem. They were perfect. It was sewing the 9-patch together, even so I used a 1/4 inch foot. I have two different sewing machines and they don’t behave the same. I learned I should do a “test-seam”.

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