Four Birds

Posted by on January 4, 2016 in blocks | 2 comments

20160104_223202-001I am very pleased with how the six triangles meet up!  Can’t say the same about the triangles on the bias, but they’re close!   I will make some more for myself, and if they are perfect/better will swap them out.

Four for the draw – from Karen N in Cape Town.

I was so impressed with Sophie’s photography of her blocks I didn’t even see the snow!  I think I thought is was just more faded decking!


  1. I’m not thrilled with one of my blocks, either, but … since everyone was waiting for the pattern, I decided it was close enough 😉

    You know, I was amazed when I look out the window and that snow on the deck wasn’t melting. Up until the last couple days it has been that cold (highs around 20F)

  2. Your blocks look great to me. I like the blues you used. I am always hard on my blocks never quite sure they are as good as they should be and hate to send one if its off, so I understand. I think everyone is a little critical of their own work.

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