Quilting Ideas for X-Plus blocks

Posted by on January 23, 2016 in block lotto community | 2 comments

Whether you were one of the winners of the X and Plus blocks last fall, made some of the blocks for yourself, or, like me, are thinking about making some for your own project, here’s some beautiful Free-Motion quilting (FMQ) inspiration, from Kathleen’s Quilts.

If you like what you see, be sure to click over for more photos and read her blog post where she steps through how she did it.


  1. Beautiful! But I don’t think it would look the same if I tried something like that on my dinky little DSM.

    But, speaking of X+ blocks…did I read somewhere that we might swap some blocks here this year? If so, this is one block I would be interested in swapping.

    • Because the motifs are relatively small, I think it would be doable on a home being machine … but I have tried some pretty crazy things with mine.

      Would you be interested in organizing a block swap???

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