Speedy Snails, Who Knew?

Posted by on February 9, 2016 in blocks | 1 comment

Being a lover of precision points and edges, I paper pieced all of mine. After the first one or two, they only took 30 minutes each, including cutting the pieces. I cut up a bunch of them and assembling one was perfect for something to do while waiting for dinner to cook itself. I am donating these 5.

Snaiils by Robin

Jude’s Feb 6th post of 3 blocks, where the top block was shifted 1/2 way, was quite intriguing. Later Julianne showed a photo with staggered blocks too. So I made a test to see what it would look like and I found not snails, but seahorses.


Below is the Snail’s Trail block for my Rainbow Sampler. It looks pink here but actually is a medium apricot, chosen to go with the red sashing better than pink would. I suspect the dark parts are supposed to be the “trail” but I liked it this way.

Feb Rainbow Block


1 Comment

  1. Your mock-up made me see friendship stars that are “holding hands”.

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