A Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted by on July 9, 2016 in block lotto community, blocks | 5 comments

I took a look of the quilts that were made and posted by winners and participants of the Blocklotto.  My gosh, what a beautiful collection of quilts! I know I have more than a couple of UFOs and gallon sized bags from the winnings of Blocklotto over the years.  Time to spring those beauties out of confinement and get them done.  Anyone for a done by Oct. / Nov. group challenge??


  1. I’m up for getting at least one of my winning sets of blocks into a quilt by Thanksgiving. Thanks for the push.

  2. Sadly, I haven’t won any this year, so I don’t have any that aren’t made up! But it was terrific fun to make up the winnings I had before.

  3. I just pulled two sets of blocks out. I hope to get them finished this year. One is for my nephew for his wedding.

  4. I have my last set (snails trails) on the design wall as a quilt in progress. Making an ocean waves set that is taking a lot of extra piecing, but it is going to be awesome when done. I work on it when I can grab a few minutes – hopefully I can be done by November!

  5. I think a challenge is a great idea … and I have some quilts I could try to finish, but my future is more uncertain than ever.

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