I’m still in shock…

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I hope it is ok to post this here. I haven’t gotten to play the lotto in quite a while. But I continue to follow along and love seeing everyone’s creations.

A few years ago when I was just learning to quilt I started playing the Blocklotto. I found a little community that is supportive and encouraging. And I learned so many great techniques and even won a couple of times.

One of the techniques I learned was building a string quilt. We made string hearts one February for the lotto and I really enjoyed it. I’ve played with it on a couple of quilts now. And in Dec. of 2013 I designed the layout for a string quilt and started piecing. I quilted it on my domestic machine. And finished it in March of this year.

In May I decided I’d enter it in the Houston quilt show. I’ve never entered any quilt show and really didn’t expect anything from my entry. But 3 days ago the list of finalists came out and my quilt is on it! I’m going to be in the Houston quilt show! I’m still in shock.

I wanted to share this here because BlockLotto and especially Sophie inspired me to experiment with new techniques. And without that encouragement I would not have made this quilt. Thank you Sophie!


  1. Congratulations !!!! What a fabulous quilt !!!

  2. Congratulations, Andrew — your quilt is fabulous!

  3. Congratulations! Wow, this is fabulous, I love how it is not just random but so well planned with the two squares within the body of the quilt.

  4. Congratulations! I love your quilt!

  5. Congratulations!! I’ll be at the Houston show this fall, so I will be on the lookout. Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Andrew, that is fabulous! Congratulations. One of my secret hopes for the Block Lotto is that a lotto quilt will one day be submitted for and accepted at one of the major quilt shows–your news feels like we’re one step closer … and all that aside, it’s really a beautiful–well-designed and made–quilt!

  7. Congratulations, it’s beautiful

  8. I love your quilt. Congratulations! String quilts are so much fun to make and yours has such a nice design to it.

  9. Congratulation and thank you for posting your beautiful quilt. It is always inspirational to see what others are doing.

  10. What a wonderful quilt, Andrew. I’m glad someone in Houston had the good sense to select it for the show. It is a marvelous example of the string style, but with such a masterful use of color and line.

  11. Your quilt is extraordinary! What a stunning design! Congratulations, Andrew!

  12. that is awesome! congratulations!! beautiful quilt.

  13. Fantastic quilt! I have always wanted to make an off center quilt and you have made two centers that are “off-center” but beautifully balanced. I lurk on both Block Lotto and Heartstrings, where skinny strip blocks are the feature. I’ve actually made one quilt with these blocks, once, but nothing like yours.

  14. I love the layout! Congratulations, Andrew!

  15. How inspirational!
    Great job!

  16. That is awesome! Congratulations!

  17. Adding my congratulations, your quilt is striking, and well deserving of the honor!

  18. Oh I love this quilt too! How exciting is being accepted into the HOUSTON QUILT SHOW!!! WOW!! I Hope you win!!!

  19. Oh Andrew, this is just so special! Well done!!! It looks good on you…Thank you for brightening the day!

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