Twinklers quilt follow up

Posted by on July 10, 2016 in block lotto community | 3 comments

TwinklersI won the Twinklers blocks last year.  I had the resulting quilt professionally quilted (tip: purple thread is a good choice for black background and blocks in many colors) and donated it to the silent auction at last month’s American Library Assn. conference.   The successful bidder was thrilled to win it — her FB post got almost 500 likes (pretty much all from non-quilters).  I had a couple of requests for the block pattern.  Good publicity for both Block Lotto and ALABQ*.

*ALABQ = ALA Biblioquilters. Since 2000 we have contributed quilts that are sold by silent auction to raise money for scholarships. If you’re a quilter who works in or with libraries (MLS, parapro, trustee, vendor) let me know!

(Here is the photo (which I first posted when I set the blocks).)



  1. Have you posted a picture here?

  2. So generous of you, Nann. Do you have a photo?

  3. GMTA – In the time that I went looking for your post in the Gallery with the photo of your finished top … you were already adding it to your post!

    I am not surprised that the quilt was loved by all those non-quilters … but how great is it that our blocks contributed to your great fundraiser!

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