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Posted by on August 18, 2016 in blocks | 2 comments

Haven’t been doing too well this month. My hard drive had to be replaced. In the process I love everything that was saved on my computer.  So I don’t know how to get this month’s pattern. I had uploaded it to my computer but had not printed it out when I started to have the problems a week and a half ago. So I don’t have any of the details for the block anymore. Sophie would it be possible for you to resend the email with that info to me. Then I will have your address again as well.

Thanks in advance.

:)Carol McNab


  1. OK, So I need to re-read a post carefully before I publish it. That should have been “I lost everything”

  2. Check your email. I confirmed you had downloaded this month’s pattern from Payhip and sent you a new copy. There’s also a note about replacing any of the past block patterns you no longer have.

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