Two bright-ish roosters

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16110001These two roosters were just the thing I needed to get me back into sewing!  They are cute!





16110008And last month this was the lone Dresden Plate I made but it didn’t meet the requirements.  When I had printed the pattern I knew the templates were too small, but forgot when I started to cut two weeks later, and also then stitched the tops with a half inch seam (I have no idea why!) and had no time to make any more!   In spite of this it was not a difficult block to make.

Karen N.


  1. Karen, How large did you increase the pattern because 120% only gave me a block that was 6 inches, not 6.5. I tried printing it on two different printers and both yielded the same result so I have not made any more.

  2. I printed it and carefully measured section A, excluding the seam allowance. I don’t remember if I tried to enlarge it before printing. Made sure that both directions of the whole block measured the same as sometimes in printing the length is different to the breadth.

    My section A was 4 and 11/16 inch — did some maths and figured out it needed to increase by 128% to get to 6 inches.

    I have an very old but amazing HP inkjet printer/scanner/fax, that allows me to copy and enlarge at the same time.

    I had started trying to draft it, but gave that up as there were too many sections and I was concerned that it still wouldn’t be accurate!

    Our paper here in South Africa is A4, not Letter sized.

    Karen N

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