Two bright roosters

Posted by on November 11, 2016 in blocks | 4 comments

img_5594I have managed to make two fun roosters this afternoon.   I magnified my pattern by 122% and they have ended up just a fraction under 6.5 inches.  I need to replace the corner piece on the pink one.


  1. So do you think 123% would be better? I did 120% and they came out 6 inches not 6.5 so I haven’t done any more.

    • Yes I will try 123% if I get time to try any more. They are only the tiniest smidgen under the 6.5 size but it would be better to have a little more leeway.

  2. Interesting! I did 120% and they came out fine… Maybe each copy machine is calibrated just a bit differently?

    • I tried two different machines with the same results: 6 inches instead of 6.5.

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