Barn door blocks- now two tops

Posted by on December 4, 2016 in show and tell | 2 comments

I have made two tops out of my Barn Door blocks and have a few to use on the back of the larger. I played with two different but similar settings- both on point- but one with and one without sashing. The smaller will probably be donated to my guild’s comforters program. We donate 500 comforters of various sizes to a huge variety of charities.

barn-door-w-leaf-border barn-door-w-navyThanks to all for such lovely blocks,





  1. Your post was missing the images, but I saw that you uploaded them and added them to the post. Both quilts are wonderful–you did a great job of combining all the different colors in our blocks.

  2. Wow they both look fabulous. Good on you for making these so quickly. I have so many of my winnings that need to find their way into quilts but in saying that OI have also made many other quilts with my Block Lotto winnings -I have been very lucky over the years I have been playing.

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