California Posey

Posted by on August 19, 2018 in blocks | 4 comments

This is my first BlockLotto entry, 8 blocks. I have so many UFOs, I cannot imagine why I am taking on yet another project, but, like many of you, I just cannot help myself! I retired 11 months ago from newspaper editing, and thought I’d get caught up, but instead, have found sooooo much time for fabric shopping and must-do-this-one-too inspiration!


  1. I see you didn’t need any help in getting your posting and picture on the blog. Welcome to the fun to be found on Block Lotto.

  2. Hi, Linda! Glad you joined the group. One of the benefits of Block Lotto is that you get the opportunity to make interesting blocks but you don’t often win them — practice without UFO guilt!

  3. Welcome to Block Lotto! One of the joys of the Lotto is that you get to make interesting new blocks but you don’t often win them all — practice without UFO guilt.

  4. Welcome Linda! In my sordid past, I have worked for two Newspapers (as a techie). If you really need a reason to make lotto blocks when you have so many UFOs (a challenge I also share), think about turning any lotto block wins into quick quilts for your favorite charity 😉

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