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Posted by on August 9, 2018 in blocks, sent and received | 3 comments

I have been anxiously checking my post-box daily for the past three months, and I am sorry to report that our postal system seems to have slowed down to almost a standstill.   The last envelope in was on 19 June…..

Yesterday I was happily surprised to get a sixth envelope with blocks, thank-you Kathy S!

I have now received blocks from: Cathy K, Christa, Kathy S, Linda E, Peggy M and Robin.

To Angie, Barbara P, Cathy L, Kathleen, Linda N, Mary S and Sophie, all I can say is, thank-you, and that maybe they are languishing in a warehouse somewhere, and will eventually turn up.

This a recent Facebook response from our Post Office:  Please note that most international mail travels by ship and can take 14 weeks to arrive at the destination country. There is a mountain of mail to be moved at all our major mail hubs. Before the strike there was a huge backlog already. Please try and be patient a little longer, your item will be delayed but should reach you in due course.

I know how much I love making the Block Lotto blocks, and I think all my blocks have been delivered to the winners in the past, so (with Sophie’s encouragement) will still contine to play, but as a donor.   The thought of those possible future blocks not getting delivered can’t be contemplated.

On a brighter note, I recently visited my daughter and newish grandson in beautiful Wales and, oh my goodness, mail there is delivered the NEXT day… and on a Saturday!  Whilst there we ordered something on-line, and it arrived the day after being posted!

Karen N in Cape Town, South Africa.


  1. Gosh, Karen, I”m so sorry to hear this! I sent a package to Missouri in March and it still hasn’t gotten there, and it even wasn’t international. I mailed yours May 9th. Here’s hoping it will still get there.

  2. Karen, have you had any rain in Cape Town? The drought and water shortage were in the US news a while ago but there have not been updates.

    • Hi Nann, We’ve had some good rains, dam levels have increased to 58.8% this week from 20% at the end of April, but still have necessary stringent water restrictions to carry us through the coming summer. We are limited in using 50 litres of water a day per person…to cover washing, showering and drinking. I am a little fortunate in that we have installed a borehole, but still try to use far less than before. There are a number of springs in the city, and the public may collect some water to supplement their limited usage.

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