What if (a quilt design idea)

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What if you make (or win) a bunch of this month’s blocks, but …

  • You want to make a large quilt
  • You want something different than “balls”

In the block directions, I suggested you could think of this block as a blocky Drunkards Path block and consider layouts used for that traditional quilt unit. What about this one?

Drunkard’s Path quilt found online

In this traditional quilt, an equal number of blocks are made with opposite fabric placement, so for a Drunkard’s Fireball quilt, you’d need to make some blocks with red /orange/pink fabrics in the center and the skinny logs.

To make a large quilt, of course, you’d need to make a bunch of blocks … What if you did that?

Reverse Fireball Block

Here’s how a similar arrangement of Fireball and Reverse Fireball blocks would look.

This quilt will measure 90 inches square. It’s made from 144 Fireball blocks, with a 3-inch inner border and a 6-inch outer border. if you wanted a pieced border like the inspiration quilt, make 3 inch Half-Square Triangle units for the inner border.

There are other traditional layouts of drunkard’s path blocks to consider … here are a few.

If you win, what will you make from your blocks?


  1. I don’t know for sure, but that is definitely tempting! I love the motion of the wavy arms on it. I’m glad you have the software to figure that out, because I’d never manage it on my own!

  2. The process of decision making about block setting is part of the fun with block lotto wins. Thanks for sharing thoughts on fireball settings!

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