Before We Draw for November Winner…

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Here is a list of the Evening Sunset blocks that were made in November, according to my records. Please check that the number beside your name is correct. The letter “D” following the number indicates that the blocks are for donation. I’m also listing any information I need from you which can be emailed to me, Cathy Kizerian, here: catkiz(at)Xmission(dot)com

Karen B – 6 (D)

Pat Kk – 9 (please send me your name, address and email information)

Carol McNab – 1

Karen.Nicole – 3 (D)

Kristin S – 9

Kathie L – 2

Margaret R – 5

Peggy M – 4

Nann H – 9 (D)

Cathy K – 5 (D)

That’s a total of 53 blocks, and I will choose 2 winners on Sunday, December 1.

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