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I’ve been receiving emails which have told me (repeatedly!) that *I* need to say something about the future of the Block Lotto. Honestly, I thought I already did say something last summer when I said that I would not be doing this anymore and it was time for me to do something different.

I appreciate that there are those that would like to keep going–but as Cathy and Nann have let me (but maybe not you?) know–they will not be continuing to produce and manage the monthly activity … and have let me know that *I* need to say something (again).

If anyone else in the group would like to step up and take it on, I am happy to help and advise, but know that I have very limited time. As the core group of block lotto players has shrunk, my recommendation would be to move BACK to a free Blog platform. If you were around or have read the history, You might remember the driver for moving to this website was that we had more than 100 authors regularly posting blocks, more than our original blog (on blogger) would support. I don’t believe that is still the case.

As I said back in July, I have plans to do something different and this blog will soon cease to continue–I put it off until the end of the year and continued to financially support the site, so you would have time to transition. I *do* plan to maintain the gallery of wonderful quilts made from lotto blocks. And, I also plan to continue to provide some quilt content … along with other things that interest me. That said, it won’t be just a quilting blog, it won’t be a group blog, and while I’d be happy to support and promote such an effort–should someone want to continue–it won’t be the home for the monthly block lotto,


  1. Thank you so much for all your work on Block Lotto. It has been a lot of fun and I have learned so much. I wish u well in your new activities. Thank also to Nann and Kathy for the past few months.

  2. Thank you Sophie 🙂 it has been a pleasure participating & watching Block Lotto over the years. I am yet to complete a quilt from my winnings, but I am sure that I will get to it ‘one day’. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do 🙂

  3. Thank you for doing it for so many years, Sophie. I can understand why you are ready to move on to other things.

  4. From our first meeting at the Houston quilt show, you and Block Lotto have been a bright spot in my quilt life. Thank you for Block Lo and this network of friends. Best Wishes in your new adventures!

  5. Oh Sophie thank you for keeping the block lotto running for so long. I have been with you and our special community here off and on since the beginning days. It has always felt like home. Good luck on your new endeavors. I also want to thank Nann and Kathy for the hard work of keeping it going this last year. You Rock!
    Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year.
    Sincerely Pat K.

  6. Thank you Sophie for keeping the site and lotto going when you were not in the best shape to do so. I have enjoying being part of block lotto and appreciated everything you did to keep it going and advice you gave along the way. Over the years that I made blocks, I won once and have those blocks on my u.f.o. list this year to get made into quilt.
    Thank you also for Cathy and Nann for keeping the lotto going since August and to those that helped during other months by supplying the block and keeping track for a month at a time. Wondering if anyone out there might want to keep the lotto going on a free site like Facebook maybe. Just putting it out there. Keeping in touch sounds like a nice idea. Here is my blogspot addy. Butrfly2222.blogspot.com. My entires are off and on but I plan to try to be more regular this year. Hope everyone has a great year ahead and Happy quilting.
    :)Carol M.

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