January Avalanche

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I’m finally catching up with the avalanche of lotto blocks which arrived in January.

For a swap hostess used to swapping out hundreds of blocks, it may not seem that impressive, but January’s 246 blocks were:

  • More than 3 times the previous high of 80 blocks in a single month.
  • 6 times the average number of blocks received monthly (41) during the last round of the lotto
  • More than 1/3 the total number of 10″ lotto blocks we made from August 2005 through November 2006.

But enough stats … here are the photos. Credits for each group of 16 blocks are included in the titles and tags on Flickr.

Blocks from Sophie, Sue & Maia Block from Laurie, Julie & Vanessa
Blocks from Ardyth & Mary Blocks from Vicki P., Debbie & Carolyn
Blocks from Elizabeth & Tracy Blocks from Laura & Kate
Blocks from Vicki, Colene & Amy Blocks from Sherry & Jeni
Blocks from Diana, Terri & Julie W Blocks from Sylvia, Leslie, Becky & Anne H.
Blocks from Donna & Janet W Lee Ann Blocks from Auntann,  Bonnie & Dawn Blocks from Pat K., Theresa & Pippa
Blocks from Kathi,  Susanna & Dianna Blocks from Sandy and Kathi

… and after the photo shoot …

January blocks

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