Chocolate Cherry Pinwheel Block

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August Block #5 In August, we’ll be making six inch Framed Pinwheel blocks from unique combinations from 2 cherry (pink) fabrics + 2 chocolate (tan or brown) fabrics.

Be sure to use the cutting measurements for the SIX inch blocks (Janet provides measurements for both six and twelve inch blocks in the main directions directions for this block on the Quilting site.)

You can make the maximum of 8 (unique) blocks using 6 fabrics: 3 pink and 3 tan/brown. You can actually make 9 combinations.

Instead of using scraps this month, I decided to use a small set of fabrics to make my blocks to see how it could be done.

Here are the six fabrics I chose to use.

My Fabrics

If you go this route, remember to choose a set of fabrics will have good contrast with each of the other fabrics because they will all end up being combined with one another.

Kate (katelnorth) worked out how to combine the six fabrics for nine unique combinations:

Block 1 – Pink1, Pink2, Brown1, Brown2
Block 2 – Pink1, Pink2, Brown1, Brown3
Block 3 – Pink1, Pink2, Brown2, Brown3
Block 4 – Pink1, Pink3, Brown1, Brown2
Block 5 – Pink1, Pink3, Brown1, Brown3
Block 6 – Pink1, Pink3, Brown2, Brown3
Block 7 – Pink2, Pink3, Brown1, Brown2
Block 8 – Pink2, Pink3, Brown1, Brown3
Block 9 – Pink2, Pink3, Brown2, Brown3

I used the chart and made these blocks–each block has a unique combination of 4 fabrics . . . always 2 pinks and 2 chocolates.

9 blocks

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