Caroline in No Dak

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Hi Sophie,
I am nowhere near Fargo, but our son lives there. He says their place should be fine, there is a dike around the neighborhood just in case some freak of nature happens. He says the river that floods is about two miles north of them, with a dry river bed between it and them, to catch extra water if need be.
I am in the NW quarter of the state, Burlington. I am worried about flooding at our place, because we live right on the DesLacs/Mouse River. My husband says we have nothing to worry about, but I think he is having second thoughts. He is helping sandbag up at the fire dept. We have to much snow around our place to put sandbags yet.
A small community (Foxholm) about 10 miles NW of us, which is just up river is suppose to get water. My husband says they will because the river is so narrow though the town.
I just hope we will be OK. Next weekend is Easter, and the guys will not be here. They are going Turkey hunting.
Have a good evening.

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