Kathie’s Thrifty Blocks

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The colors of this month’s block remind me of a dress that I made for a piano recital in 1968. Some classics never go out of style! Scraps from that dress are NOT in my blocks, but there are leftovers from a granddaughter’s upcoming high school graduation quilt, a top I made my mother for Christmas, my mother-in-law’s 80’s birthday quilt, and a Project Linus quilt – all good quilting memories. Kathie


  1. Sounds like nice memories and quilty connections . . . and that you were able to make your blocks from stash and scraps, too 😉 I’ll add your blocks to the list. Our new total-so-far this month will be 72 blocks.

  2. I like to join your group. Sounds like a lot of fun. But I am confused…it is April 2 and you have 72 blocks in. Do you start making the blocks in March for April or are these ladies just very fast sewers?

  3. Hi Milie. I can see how that could be surprising.

    We have a little incentive to finish early–it’s a leftover from the days when everyone used to mail all the blocks to me and I sent them on to the winners. Even though, we now mail blocks directly to the winners now, we still have the incentive. If you enter your blocks at least one week before the deadline at the end of the month, you will receive a “sneek peek” email message with advance information about the following month’s block . . . and encouragement to make blocks to provide eye candy to others to encourage them to make blocks 😉

    . . . and that’s how we could have 57 blocks already made on day 1. Although, some months, I could be the one who makes a block early as needed for the directions.

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