Great Blocks, Everyone

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Thanks to all for the great cactus pot blocks I received in June. I am anxious to lay them all out and try using them to make 12″ blocks and set them as a frame around a basket wall hanging I started several years ago.
I have shared my swapping saga with an elderly friend (an ex-quilter) and van rider who has severe macular degeneration; I want to have her touch and talk with me as I experiment with this layout. She had tried to do a swap years ago, but it must have been one of these “pyramid” scams and although she sent a very nice block she heard nothing back from anyone.
She has been so thrilled to hear about the different colors I received and the letters from Isreal, UK, and the US and now I want to at least share with her feeling your blocks.
I think I was able to thank each of you in your comment area, if not, maybe I can do better now that I think I can write posts. Kathy in Colo

1 Comment

  1. Thank you 4 supporting Purrs 4 Peace. You have a lovely blog. I wish I could sew so I could contribute to these beautiful blocks…but alas I have no thumbs. Confucius Cat aka Alley Mason

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