The Way It Works

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Because we had a few (YAY!) newbies in August, I thought it would be a good idea to explain what happens next with your log cabin blocks. (Or any lotto blocks at the end of the month).

First, the Winners’s names are chosen by a random number generator–when there were fewer blocks, we actually printed them and cut them up into slips of paper, but now I make a numbered list and the person in charge of the “drawing” goes to the web site and generates random numbers and matches it to the list. The winners names are published on the blog.

Then, I email each of the winners and ask them:

  1. to confirm their mailing address
  2. to tell me how many (if any) of their own blocks they want to keep

When I have heard from all the winners, I create a big chart that tells everyone who mails how many of their blocks to which winners. Usually if you make more than 3 blocks, you will be splitting them among 2 or more envelopes before mailing them out. At the top of the chart are the double-checked mailing addresses to use.

I email everyone with the mailing info and then the fun begins 😉 I will post a message here when the mailing info has been emailed to everyone, so you can let me know if you didn’t get it–unfortunately it happens, but we manage to make sure that everyone gets the info they need and the blocks all land at the winners’ door.

So that’s how it works and, as of this evening, I have heard from Lisa and Caroline and am waiting to hear from Mary Jane.


Mary Jane emailed me early this morning, but for some reason, my mail program marked it “read” and I missed it. I’m all set and working on the who-mails-to-who chart now . . .

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