Kristin’s blocks received

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I received Kristin’s blocks on Friday, so I think that is the last of the bunch. Thank you all so much. I’ m still mulling the arrangement, etc. but thought I would post a photo of all on my upstairs carpet “design wall”. (My other design wall has 2 other projects pinned on it. As soon as I got this laid out and turned on my camera, both cats showed up seriatum to lie right in the middle of the blocks, so they are currently in prison behind closed doors untill I get this posted. This will make quite a large quilt, which is a nice surprise – so many of you made really long words. I’m thinking of making a number of variations of pieced hearts to serve as spacers between the words, but I’m just starting to play with fabrics and layouts. Thanks again to all.

Also, I had the rare pleasure on Thursday night to tour the preview show of the Dallas Quilter’s Guild Quilt Celebration with Sophie. I hope you all get to meet her someday– she’s even nicer and more fun in person!
Linda from Big D


  1. I thought it was a bit of good luck, running into you outside Market Hall on Thursday. I hope you had a chance to go back to the show and tour the rest of the quilts and the vendors. I went and successfully restrained myself from spending $$.

    Your blocks look great together!

  2. woohoo, look at all those fabulous blocks. what an amazing bunch of quilters – you are so lucky to have gotten them (the blocks, not the quilters).

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