liberated log cabin

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These are my first log cabins, liberated or otherwise, so I didn’t get very wonky in the strip width variations, even tho the fabrics are pretty varied. (My 2 current most active projects are a “grandmother’s flower garden” so I’ve collected a lot of solids to go with the 30s prints as the first ring of the hexagon, and my other project is a 60s-feel quilt with the Beatles fabrics and some tie die, so you’ll see a bit of both of these in my 2 pairs. ) Since I have plenty of fun ahead with these 2 and the sudden treasure of winning the “terms of endearment”, I’m donating these 2 pair this month. (Plus, I don’t really get the vision on this one, even though they were fun to make). Now I’ll schedule a real log cabin (maybe just a pillow), in my future, since they aren’t that hard.
Linda from Big D


  1. I can imagine Linda that wonky is tough for people who know how to do this sort of thing properly, and who have properly measured strips they've already cut up and fabric that cost them full retail price.

    I am feeling rather fortunate that I am a collector of offcuts and scraps for pennies which makes this year's liberated theme right up my street (although the results might not be up anyone elses chortle!) I will so struggle next year if Sophie goes back to traditional!

  2. Your blocks look great. One of the good things about the blocks this month is the more variety in style, the better. I've added them to the list. Our new total is 80 pairs (160) blocks.

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