March winners

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Drum roll, please . . . .
The winners are

  1. Carrie
  2. June
  3. Dianah
  4. Rho
  5. Pat
  6. Shelley 

I am honored to be the selector this month, and look forward to seeing your beautiful and wonky quilts!
Linda from Big D

(I goofed and included someone who had donated her chances on the list … I went back to the random number generator and chose a substitute.  Sorry about any confusion — Sophie)


  1. Congrats Ladies!

  2. Congratulations, everyone (and sorry, again about that goof). The winners should soon have email from me asking:

    1. To verify their mailing addresses, and
    2. How many of their own blocks they'd like to keep

  3. Congrats ladies… although I am a little bummed I didn't win. Exactly why I don't gamble.

  4. And if I do decide to take up gambling- Rho will you be my best friend. You have won 3 out of the last 4 months. Thats awesome! Happy Quilting

  5. Congrats everyone!

  6. Wow – I cannot believe my name is on the winner's list! Thanks everyone – this is so cool!!! ~ Carrie

  7. I'm feeling very lucky tonight!

    Very cool to be on the winning list for these Cool Log Cabins with Attitude blocks. Both my husband and son really liked the colors and the blocks so it's an extra treat for me to win this month!

    : )

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