Blocks from???????????

Posted by on April 12, 2010 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

Two lovely sets arrived in my mail today, but there was no return address and no label inside. It is a small padded envelope, adddress label and postage both printed on computer. No postmark telling where it was from.

Looking at my list, it must be Krista or Wendy, as they are the only ones sending me two sets that I haven’t gotten yet. Also one more set is coming from Michele.

Any claimers?


  1. It's not me, but mine are on the way!

  2. OK. Mystery solved, it must be Krista's blocks then. Thanks.

  3. Which Wendy? There's two of us. I think I sent to you. But I think I sent my return addy with it.

  4. Pat, Wendy K from Maine mailed to you, Wendy Lee P from Texas did not … so the first Wendy's comment doesn't apply to your mystery blocks and I don't think you know yet whose blocks you received today.

  5. Can't be mine. Mine went in the mail yesterday – clearly marked with my return address. Big yellow envelope (9×11), with your name/address inside too.

  6. Sounds like mine. I thought I put my return addy, but apparently I didn't because none of the three have had return addys on them. Sorry!

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