One to Start

Posted by on August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Here’s one rose.  Tis was harder than it looked in the directions.  I actually tried two more but one is way too “triangley” and the other is yellow and one of the fabrics has red ladybugs on it that just seem like too much red.  I’ll work on those two some more and hopefully make some more.  At least I think this one is okay, so count me in.  Yea!  Janet S.


  1. One thing to try if your rose becomes to triangle-y, consider trimming your rose-in-progress to a 5 sided shape and then continue adding petals.

    I hope no one becomes completely discouraged by the challenge and if try a few blocks so they can find their own rhythm.

    I've added your block to the list. We now have 30 blocks this month.

  2. My roses wanted to be square, particularly when I used wide strips, and I did end up trimming sides off occasionally before adding more petals/strips as Sophie suggested.

  3. I'm not discouraged yet. I've taken my rotary cutter to the other two blocks. In addition to working with the general shape, I want to add some more logs (petals), I think. I just appreciate the fact that the block lotto tolerates those of us who are rookies at this. It is truly liberating to work with an idea instead of a pattern. Janet S.

  4. Good. Hang in there; I do believe this one is worth the effort. And I think it does take time to figure out what YOU think works best in the block. My ideas are still evolving, even though I made a bunch of them last winter.

    I also like the idea of structuring the block lotto so that we're working with idea instead of a strict pattern … though we may have some actual patterns thrown in the mix next year. Not everyone thinks like us 😉

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