Six November Blocks by June

Posted by on November 22, 2010 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

I like the secondary design that appears – what a clever challenge this was!  Thanks Sophie!

June/San Diego


  1. very nice, very nice.

  2. Great blocks!

  3. I think the string corners as a setting idea would be a great one to use if you have swap blocks or other blocks that aren't the same size, but are within an inch or so … I don't think you'd see the differences in the blocks if they were set this way.

    I've added your blocks to the list. Our new total is 97 blocks so far this month.

  4. Regarding the string corners, I've been gathering striped fabrics, to follow up on some ideas from a book called Caliente Quilts (add the Spanish exclamation points before & after), and some Kaffee Fasset designs. You just use a variety of striped fabrics on the diagonal to create the squares, the brighter the better. Now I've gathered the fabric, if I can just get the time…. It will be kind of quickie cheater quilt, but fun.

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