Julie’s trees

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It’s funny. I’ve lived in California all my life but if I have to draw the shape of the state I always have to stop and think about it for a while and I usually draw it backwards. So when I was cutting out these blocks I had a similar experience… what shape IS a tree?

I’m planning to make more but I need to find some more black fabric first. It all seems to have gone missing!


  1. I think you abstracted the shape of pine trees just fine 😉

    I have added your blocks to the list. Your pairs, along with Janet's (whose post I read first) bring us to a total-so-far of 40 pairs.

  2. I really like your abstract trees!

  3. Hmm – The shape of a tree?

    Before I had my credential, I volunteered at Camp Pendleton to help the Vietnamese refugees learn English. One time I had a group of little kids and I asked them to draw a tree. I was surprised when they all drew very-foreign-to-me looking palm trees – with coconuts and large leaves.

    Years later when I was teaching a group of similarly-aged American-born students, I asked them to draw a tree. Those kiddos drew trees with sort of a ball shape at the top of a short trunk. Some of them had red 'apples' in their trees, but there were no leaves – circles were swirled with the crayons to create the mass of leaves.

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