Trees Dec 2010 Photos from Mary Jane

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I know the rule was 5 pairs, but I wanted to play a little, so donate to the pot I will.  One of the extra longer pair got chopped short (width wise) so if you don’t want it Sophie, that is fine.  Just let me know.  Otherwise it can be mailed to winners.  I want to donate all my chances this month as you decide.


  1. They look great! I'll be sending you some email to make sure I am understanding what's what from the photos and count it accordingly.

    It's ALWAYS OK to include an extra block–maybe one that you felt fell short of the guidelines in some way–if you think it might be useful to one of the winners. I don't like to count those in the count of blocks for the set that the winner receives, in case they wouldn't see a way to use it. KWIM?

  2. Mary Jane, I am finally playing catch-up on all the blocks added since this post. WOW. I have made a note about your extras and I'll let you know what to do with them, then. Usually if someone has blocks that aren't exactly right, I ask the winners if they would want/accept them and then let you know to whom to send them.

    Thanks for your generosity.

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