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I’m new here at block lotto.
Here are three sets of trees Made well before
the end of the month….cause you just don’t know…
what the rest of the month holds!!!
Especially THIS month!
Look forward to seeing everyone’s funky trees!!!


  1. Way to go Beth…your trees are great!…yes, it's a busy month for sure…especially for you…houses galore(wink wink)!!!

  2. Welcome to the Block Lotto Beth! I love the BOB fabric you used in your blocks.

    (Great advice to anyone who imagines they'll have more free time LATER this month, too–you are so right, you just don't know 😉

    I've added your blocks to the list. Our new total-so-far this month is 74 Tree Block PAIRS. Wow!

  3. The blocks are great. I also like the BOB fabric. Your blog is really great!

  4. Love them Beth! So glad you joined us here 🙂

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