Blocks for my first block lotto

Posted by on February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Wandering through Blogland, I saw so many cool quilts that people were making with their Block Lotto blocks, that I just had to pop over to see what is going on here. I love the February hearts! (And the January stacks, and the earlier blocks …) So here I am, with my first two blocks for the month:

I know many of you from visiting your blogs, and hope to travel through the blog list here to meet the rest of you. Can’t wait to exchange blocks! In thinking what to say about myself by way of introduction, I realized that tomorrow is the 6-yr anniversary of the day I took my first quilt class — and I’ve loved every minute since! I tend to go for brights, I like scrappy quilts and free piecing, but I can also love the look of very precise mosaic-style quilts. If you want to see what I’ve been working on, come visit me at Jovaliquilts! I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with everyone.


  1. Welcome Cheri! I had a nice stroll through your blog late last night–I can never go straight to bed after a guild meeting … too many visions of quilts dancing in my head.

    I've added your blocks to the list. Our new total-so-far for February is 106 hearts.

  2. Looking at your blog, it seems you've been making our kind of blocks all on your own. Welcome to the group, and have fun this year.

  3. Glad you are joining in! I follow you through Google Reader. What fun! :-}pokey

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