Winners, check your email !!

Posted by on February 28, 2011 in blocks | Comments Off on Winners, check your email !!

If you are one of the lucky five winners this month–four of whom are FIRST TIME WINNERS–please check your email for a message from me. I need a couple of things from each of you before I can divvy up the blocks and let everyone start mailing thier blocks to you:

  1. Please confirm that your name and address as I have it is correct
  2. Let me know how many (if any) of your own string hearts you’d like to keep

Congrats again to Wendy (Newbie!),  Irene,  Moira, Julie and Kathy.

Updated to say that I’ve heard from everyone except Kathy.  If you’re a friend of Kathy B in Lubbock, Texas, please share the good news with her and ask her to get in touch so I can get the mailing info out to everyone.

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