Five Red and White D4P by June

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Here are my (so far) five blocks for the Block Lotto this month.

These were fun to make!  First I did one block to test things out, then I did two, and then four in the same amount of time (around 30 minutes each batch).

The duplicate red ones (not pictured) will be sent for use in a charity project that is collecting red and white blocks that are 8.5 inches unfinished.  Blogged here. Having the fabric ironed and cut really helps speed the process up!

These D4P blocks will be really fun to place in a quilt.  Controlled colors really make it nice too.  My fingers are crossed!

I sent my February BL hearts off to Wendy today.  Those blocks would make a good quilt for a man or a woman.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

June in San Diego


  1. OK. Pat gave us thie link over at the Yahoo group Friendshipswap. I added the button to my Blog already. I just made my first few of these blocks and want to join the fun. Not just because they are easy.

  2. Mary, you have email from me with some links and the information I need from you.

  3. June, thanks for mentioning Clare's charity effort. I keep meaning to put together a post about it, but also keep running out of time …

  4. Yes, thanks from me as well – I also made a load of duplicates to send to Clare, but kept forgetting to ask Sophie about posting about it here in conjunction with these blocks…

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