coin stack quilt top complete

Posted by on July 26, 2011 in block lotto community | 7 comments

After a few misstepts, I now have added the borders to the quilt top, and I’m pleased with the outcome.
I followed your suggestions with the green fern border with a thin blue line for a little oomph. Even though I have completed 4 or 5 quilt tops with borders, and have always added borders one layer at a time (including a large king size quilt), I decided crazily that it would save time to make a single long border strip by sewing the green and blue fabrics together, and then cutting them for the different sides. I got the top and bottom borders cut and sewed on, and then realized my mistake, that the blue corners wouldn’t work with just a long strip of green and blue. So I had to cut off the side strips to the exact measurement of the blue border, and then add green corners to fill in. Luckily the fabric is so dark that the corner pieces don’t show.
I’m confessing this dumbness in case there are any new quilters out there, to show that the standard procedures have a reason (even in liberated quilting). Luckily I had enough fabric to make the corners!
Now I have to figure out the backing and binding.
If I can take off work, on the 5th the Guild is having a workshop about quilting design, so I may take this quilt to get suggestions on how to quilt it or have it quilted. With so much white space, there are opportunities for some interesting design.
(By the way, I think the photo is sideways; I visualize the coins and flowers (or lanterns) going up and down vertically).
Thanks to all the January coin stack makers for your beautiful blocks!


  1. It's lovely. I first "read" it as plates and books on a book case!

  2. I like your addition of the snowball blocks. It makes for a much more interesting quilt. Very nice. Kathie L in Allentown

  3. Very, very nice! rho

  4. I always love it when someone takes the lotto blocks they win and make them their own … and you did that, beautifully.

  5. Ps. The design workshop is with Pepper Cory, right? (I still get the Dallas Guild emails) I haven't ever attended one of her lectures or taken a workshop, but I started wondering how early I'd have to leave Austin to attend the guild meeting …

  6. Beautiful I like the lanterns with coins, very clever. As for cutting the strips and sewing them on together, I thought about that once. I suppose it would work if you mitered the corners. But you are right there's a good reason why we do things a certain way. Hehehe

  7. It looks great! Your solution to making the borders match is probably easier than mitering, which is the usual way to do it. And may even match better, depending on the miter!

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