Andrew’s Lotto inspired Memory Quilt

Posted by on October 3, 2011 in show and tell | 9 comments

A couple of years ago my partner’s great-aunt died. He was close to her as a child and remembered fondly the bright floral print polyester blouses she always wore. When he helped his mother clean out his aunt’s home, he asked if he could keep the blouses. So he brought home this pile of shiny floral polyester blouses and asked me to make something out of them. I thought he was nuts at the time and I put the clothes in a bag in a closet. I’m fairly new to quilting and didn’t think it would be possible to cut and sew together that slick, shiny, slightly stretchy fabric. But then in February we did the string hearts. And I had a EUREKA! moment. I made string blocks from the blouses on muslin squares. Then I made stacks similar to the squares we made in January and was pleasantly surprisedwith the results. I just had to share it with the group since it wouldn’t have happened without you!



  1. Beautiful! So glad you were able to preserve the memories in a quilt. I've got some old sweaters of my dad's that have turned into mittens for our family since he passed, and the last two are waiting to be transformed. I'm sure your partner will love the quilt!

  2. Great job! Not only did you do something really nice for him, you created a quilt he will treasure.

  3. The quilt looks great. The colors blend together with a nice mix of darks, mediums and lights to make a very soothing statement. How thoughtful of you to use your talents. Kathie L in Allentwon

  4. I love this! Totally perfect in every way!

  5. What a clever girl you are!

  6. Thanks for showing us how you have put to use what you have learned HERE. I am always inspired to see a finished product from our exchanges, and this was even better — a finish based just on the principles of what you have gained as your skills improved.

  7. I love it.

  8. Yikes! Clever GUY! Geesh. Sorry Andrew. My bad.

  9. No Problem, Pat. I've been called worse. 🙂
    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! -Andrew

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