Oct. blocks and auditioning border fabric

Posted by on October 10, 2011 in block lotto community | 7 comments

Here’s a start for the month

I’m auditioning border fabrics for the blocks I won.
This quilt will be for my future nephew due in March.
Here are 4 to start…not sure about any of them.

What do you think?
Any suggestions?

The far left is a molted batik
Under that is a blue on blue bubble print
Then on the right is blue stripes
And lastly the electric green.

These were some fabrics I had in the stash that I found quickly.

There will be appliqued words of “Oh the places you’ll go” in white along part of the border (see the cut paper, something like that)


  1. I think the green looks vibrant.

  2. I like the green. It makes all the colors pop

  3. Personally, I would do a thinner green border first, then either the blue stripes or the motled blue as the outer border. Fun quilt! Love the word idea too.

  4. I completely agree with Andi. She said before I could, LOL!

    Pat from FL & MI

  5. I like the mottled blue (on the left side of the quilt) the best, I think … I'd be tempted to add a thin white inner border to float the blocks a little. I love the words you plan to put on the border, too. Oh, The Place's You'll Go is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.

  6. I like Sophie's idea of floating the blocks and using the mottled blue. Love those blocks!

  7. I really like how the bright green lift everything up!

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