I’m a winner!

Posted by on November 30, 2011 in show and tell | 2 comments

I see that I am a winner of Scrappy Trips Blocks!  Thank you all!  I look forward to using the blocks. I just completed a quilt top for my DS  for Christmas….Scrappy Trips with a single green fabric for the diagonal since he said his favorite color is green.  The same fabric will be used for backing and binding.  As I worked on this I had the thought I could work with this same block for a longtime and get different results depending on colors and contrasts.  I originally thought I would do a “Straight Furrows” layout but found that the green was not a dominant fabric and the whole thing looked chaotic.  Since the top is 5 blocks  x 6 blocks it felt lopsided  when I tried the blocks alternating directions to form a diagonal grid of green.  I also tried zig-zag rows but wasn’t happy with that either.  I finally came up with this somewhat unconventional layout…

Last week I put together this top for a quillow for my DD, Mimi, using 24 Liberated Star blocks I won last year. In order to fit the backing fabric I chose (a super soft piece of 21 wale corduroy) I had to make the sashings different sizes horizontally and vertically, thus rectangular cornerstones.  Since she had originally said she’d like a “crumb” quilt I think she will like the liberated stars.


  1. Both quilts look great! I like the scrappy trips setting. Using the green as the diagonal reminded me of some 30's era grandmother's flower garden quilts with green "paths" between the flowers.

  2. I think I am in love!
    glen in Louisiana

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