Sophie’s Samplers on their Way (at last)

Posted by on November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

As I was waiting in the very long line at the post office, waiting for my turn with the lone clerk, I thought about how most months at about this time, I’d be working on the sneak peek directions, guidelines and email message (if only in my head).  Yes, I thought, shamefully, I really am mailing my blocks THAT LATE.

Because I used my blocks to make the totals work (in case you’re wondering how I manage to always make them work out, that’s how), I am mailing to ALL FIVE of our October winners.

I hope mine are the last blocks that Andi, Ellie, Janet, Rho and Sue are waiting for … if YOU haven’t yet mailed your Sampler Blocks from October, please let me/them know.  Things come up for all of us, so if something has also come up for you, don’t sweat it.  Let’s just get all our blocks in the mail as soon as we can and let the winners know that they are on their way.


  1. Indeed, your blocks are my last. I have all the blocks from everyone else. Thanks, for another great swap. rho

  2. Thanks for the update, Rho. It look like the range pf outstanding blocks is from 1 more envelope for you (from me) and 7 more for Sue in West Australia.

  3. Hey Sophie! How are you feeling? Thinking about you and wishing you well. Ginny

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