a combination of blocks…

Posted by on December 28, 2011 in show and tell | 11 comments

The hearts were won in February, the flowers are made from the violet flower block last summer. I love the way they work together.
I have more hearts! I am making a sister quilt like this one, only a little different.
I am really looking forward to a January block. Julie P.



  1. What a charming quilt! I love how these blocks work together.

  2. Wonderful !

  3. very pretty!

  4. Thanks for posting your quilt–I saw it on your blog yesterday and was hoping that you would. I love the way your quilts look against the weathered wall of the barn (?)

  5. Very cute! The 2 blocks work together so well ~

  6. While I know there was not time to do blocks this month and Sophie was sure smart to take the month off…. and we are all going to get the labels right in 2012, right, this quilt sure does make me want to get back to block lotto…. Your quilt is quite cleaver…. thank you ever so much for sharing it with us.

  7. This quilt reminds me a bit of Ginny's quilt, which was also made from two sets of lotto blocks … and has given me an idea for a lotto block-inspired challenge for 2012 😉

  8. So funny, I was about to leave a comment on how much I like this quilt, and I see my own name!
    I really love what you've done, and the border you've chosen. Can't wait to see the sister as well.

  9. What a great combination! I love this!

  10. Hi, i´m from Portugal and would like very much to join this group. Is it possible?

  11. So Clever and So Beautiful. I won the violets and didn't have any ideas. Maybe you are a quilt trend setter!!

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