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My blocks to Kristen in Oregon, Jo in Oman, and Maree in New Zeeland, all took flight today.  Enjoy them ladies!

The lady at the post office had never heard of the Sultanate of Oman.  Jo, guessing by your very western name, are you living/working there as an expat?  We lived in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for about 15 years.  Loved it.

Quilty hugs,
Pat Harrell
Pat from FL & MI

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  1. Yes we are expats, but I am retired it is my husband who has to do the work! Really enjoying living here, though I do miss the family back in the Uk but not the weather. It is a breeze here after two and a half years in Trinidad! Thanks in advance for the 'trips' I am looking forward to them. Jo

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