9 from Kate

Posted by on January 10, 2012 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Here are nine from me for January. These were fun, though I did have trouble trying to find “light” fabric in my stash.  Who’d have suspected I had a light fabric shortage??


  1. I had trouble finding light fabric in the stores…..who would have thought that light fabric was difficult to come by.

  2. I love this…is it hard to get the circles to match up?

  3. A good reason to use templates for a block like this is to ensure that the circles match up. Even though most contemporary quilt patterns don't use templates, getting comfortable with them, expands your options when creating quilts.

    I think that the scarcity of light fabrics,, both in or stashes and in stores is a reflection of the fact that most fabric lines are filled with medium values. As soon as you start shopping with color VALUE in mind, you really notice how few great light and dark fabrics are being produced.

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