eclipse block #1?

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Yesterday I finally made my templates (Thanks Sophie!).  Today I started looking for fabrics and I have cut and sewn my first Eclipse block…maybe.  It came out a bit skewed as you can see in the picture with the ruler on top of the block.  I’m open for input into as  to what may have caused this and how to get better results.  Would it work to start with a 10″ square of bright fabric and trim the outer edge only as that is where the problem seems to be to  a nice square 9.5″ after sewing? the seams for the arc seem to be place the same distance from the corner on both edges. If this block is too far off in size, I certainly do not want to enter it into the count.

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  1. My fabric was a bit smaller then a fat quarter. I only made sure that the two sides on that ONE corner were square to which I lined up the template and did the cutting. After the sewing I did the cutting to size on the outside two sides. This way the leftover was bigger then if I had cut a square first and then trimmed it.

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