Eclipse Block from Kristin

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Happy New Year!
I played with the pattern and built one block.  I fear curves and templates as if they were huge spiders – Like that one in Harry Potter….but, I like this block.  After a few deep breaths and reading the instructions a few times, I did it.  And you know what?  I liked it!!
If I could pass along a few tips – pay attention to the directions.  I’m not one to follow sewing instructions, but it did make a huge difference.  Especially the clipping and pressing directions.
Starch helped too.
Also, be careful if you need to square up your block.  If you trim the wrong edge, I don’t think the curves will line up, they’ll be slightly off when the winners assemble the top.
  BL 2012-01 
I took a picture of the back of the block, so you can see how neat and clean it looks.  🙂
BL 2012-01 back
I’ll be making more of these!


  1. I agree – these looked scary but with following the instructions they were surprisingly easy to make. I made three this afternoon and will post photos of them soon.

  2. Very nice – you have successfully conquered a fear and can do many more quilt patterns!

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